The COOLEST Scripting Language Ever Made

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HyperCard premiered in 1987, & would be old enough to vote next year! Welcome to My HyperTalk Web Page!
HyperTalk, the scripting language built inside of HyperCard, was and is the most English-like programming language ever created. So, read on, and contact me if you have comments or suggestions!

Where can I buy HyperCard?

Where can I buy HyperCard? Apple still sells the program in the Apple store online (the title above is a link there), although they haven’t upgraded it in years. The program is so stable, however, that it refuses to stop working! It will only run, however, in the Classic (System 9) environment. So this slows things down in System X. Yet many businesses out there have written extensively customized HyperCard programs (called “stacks”) that cannot be replaced by anything else.

HyperCard was even a website development tool before there was a WorldWide Web! The HyperCard way of doing things presaged much of what was recreated later for the internet. This includes, among other elements, embedding languages like HTML, Java, and Flash into web pages: HyperTalk was part and parcel of HyperCard, and could play QuickTime files for animation.

How does HyperCard figure into game development?
Many games were written partly or exclusively in HyperCard. The most famous example of all, however, is the original Myst. Many programs were used for the beautiful graphics, but the engine was HyperTalk.

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